Snacks Quarterly was founded in 2014 by Alexander Barrett and Brad Simon as an outlet to share our passion about snacks.

Editorial Director
Alexander Barrett

Creative Director
Brad Simon

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It’s the food we eat not to sustain ourselves, but out of pure desire that gets to the heart of who we are as a people.

We snack to be social. We snack to pass the time. We snack to experience beauty.

We were born to snack.

Snacks Quarterly is an internet publication that brings a variety of artists together to share their insights and ideas on the subject of snacks and snacking.

Essays, illustrations, anecdotes, and practical snacking tips post four times a year on our beautifully designed, ad-free website.

If you’re a casual snacker, a professional snacker, or if you’re interested into delving deeper into the world of snacks, let Snacks Quarterly be your guide to a purposeful snack-based lifestyle.