Berto Fojo

It’s 1903 and you’ve just seen the Wright brothers plane fly over your head. What snack do you pair with your amazement?

A bottle of the early Coca-Cola and a bag of the early potato chips while laying on the cool of the North Carolina lawn would make a complete trip.

It’s 1974 and you’ve just arrived at the Ramones first show at CBGB’s. What did you pick up at the bodega before hand?

Considering that, due the frenzy movements into the audience, it would be almost impossible to hold anything in one’s hands, I’d probably be chewing three or four of those TV Monsters From Outer Limits chewing gums at the same time while banging my head.

It’s 1215 and you’re present at the signing of the Magna Carta. What will hold you over until the great feast?

I’d ask King John for some pounds of almonds and I would secretly share them with my plebeian friends by a fire.

It’s 1969 and you’ve just landed on the moon. What celebratory freeze-dried treat will you scarf down once you’re back in the L.E.M.?

Before leaving, I would go to El Cisne -an old food store in Pontevedra, my hometown- and ask for a couple of kilos of dried grapefruit, one of their specialties.

It’s 2456 and the generation ship has finally found an inhabitable planet. What’s the first thing you nibble on this second Earth’s surface?

I’d take tons of pipas -toasted and salted sunflower seeds-, probably my favourite snack. I eat them when I have to stay in the same place for a long time -soccer matches mainly- so they’d be perfect for a new and deserted planet, with not much stuff to be done.