Bethany Ng

What major snack event will cover the front pages of newspapers worldwide?

Scientists will discover that trans fats are actually healthy for you and they will be added back into all of our favorite snacks.

What innovation will rock the world of Combos?

They will have a flavor that’s made of chia and stuffed with kale.

How will pretzels change the game forever?

They will be made out of meat. Mmmmm… meat pretzel.

What snack will you form a deep emotional connection to this year?

I have a deep love for the daily snack I eat at 3pm. I eat this snack even if I am not really hungry. It marks the halfway point of lunch and when I get to go home from work. It’s the only way I keep time now.

How will snacks finally win the war against meals?

Everywhere I am reading that we need to eat a small meal every 2-3 hours. Hello? A “small meal” eaten every 2-3 hours is a snack dummy. I follow this practice myself and find that when lunch or dinner rolls around I am not really hungry since I have been snacking. So instead of a full meal, I’ll just eat a snack.