Brian Rea

It’s 1861 and you’re leaving home to fight in a war. You have room for one snack in your gunnysack. What do you bring?

Whiskey, obviously.

It’s 1908 and your dad brings home the first car you’ve ever seen. He tells you to jump in. What snack do you bring on your first car ride?

Ice cream sandwich and some Moxie for Pops.

It’s 1969 and you’re sitting cross-legged on a shag carpet, watching the moon landing on TV. Which snack fills the large plastic bowl in front of you?

If dudes are walking on the moon, probably LSD…

It’s New Year’s Eve 1999 and the threat of Y2K is looming. Which snack do you use to calm your nerves?

Soft-serve ice cream, but it’s got to be in one of those pudgy little cones that taste like Holy Communion.

It’s 2014 and you’re writing an email. What are you putting into your face?

Toast and cheese.