Candi Hibert

It’s 1903 and you’ve just seen the Wright brothers plane fly over your head. What snack do you pair with your amazement?

I’d be awe-inspired with a bag of Funyuns in hand!

It’s 1974 and you’ve just arrived at the Ramones first show at CBGB’s. What did you pick up at the bodega before hand?

Something cool & refreshing like Jolt cola. It would help ease the sweat factor (it would be hot in there!!) plus I’d be good and caffeinated to help fight the frenzy in front of the stage! I mean c’mon, it’s the Ramones after all, you HAVE to get up near the stage! I need a JOLT for that!

It’s 1215 and you’re present at the signing of the Magna Carta. What will hold you over until the great feast?

Errrr…. the what? KIDDING!! I’d imagine it would have to be something epic, like… Swanson’s Turkey Dinner. That’s a meal that would go down in the history books!

It’s 1969 and you’ve just landed on the moon. What celebratory freeze-dried treat will you scarf down once you’re back in the L.E.M.?

Freeze-dried oatmeal! Figure something nice n’ neutral would be the ticket to keeping food down while adjusting to weightlessness.

It’s 2456 and the generation ship has finally found an inhabitable planet. What’s the first thing you nibble on this second Earth’s surface?

Although not especially satisfying, somehow Pop Rocks seem like the first thing I’d be inclined to toss in my mouth during this momentous occasion!