Snack Two-liners

By Emily Toder

Emily Toder lives and works in New York. Her favorite snacks are hearts of palm and artichoke.


Grape cheats on other grape
Grape leaves

French goes to the beach
French fries

Mozzarella falls on a bunch of glue
Mozzarella sticks

Chicken caesar buys Xmas presents
Chicken caesar wraps

Rice goes to Coachella
Rice puffs

Buffalo doesn’t study for test
Buffalo wings

Onion is a phone
Onion rings

Spring falls down a hill
Spring rolls

Crab wears too much foundation
Crab cakes—crab’s face cakes

Tuna crawls through desert
Tuna melts

Banana doesn’t like party
Banana splits

Egg takes Molly
Egg rolls

Root beer bobs in water
Root beer floats

Broccoli has to get somewhere fast
Broccoli floret

Pork is line cook
Pork chops

Cheese scribbles in pad
Cheese doodles

Turkey goes to meatpacking district
Turkey clubs

Potato kills deer
Potato skins

Belgian doesn’t know what to do
Belgian waffles