Freda Chiu

Look into your heart. Which snack loves you the most?

My friend, Matt Dolan’s mum’s super garlicky-cheese cob loaf recipe. It invites you back for more even when your breath reeks, as the warm melted cheese embraces your arteries.

Which snack despises you? Why do you think that is?

Mango cream cake, because I overstuffed myself with other less worthy snacks on my 12th birthday and threw it back up. It hasn’t forgiven me since.

Which snack is protective towards you?

Dried apricots. They are delicious and keep me regular.

Which snack misses you?

Sara Lee’s $5 Black Forest frozen cake, which is unfortunately out of production. It longs to fill my mouth with it’s sweet cream and juicy cherries, and I long to savour them. It’s a sad love story.

Which snack thinks you could do better?
Is it right?

Zhaliang (Chinese fried dough stick wrapped with rice noodle), because I often end up ordering more than I can eat at Yum Cha, and am too full to finish it by the time it arrives. It thinks I should learn to prioritise and is probably right.