Ham Sandwich & Mao

By Jim Riswold

Jim Riswold is a fake artist and semi-retarded individual living in Portland, OR. He is partial to the salty snacks over the sugary ones.

Mao said, “We should always use our brains and think everything over carefully. A common saying goes, “Knit your brows and you will hit upon a stratagem.” In other words much thinking yields wisdom.”

Mao knew how to use his brain; Betty Crocker knew that well-planned snacks bring double happiness. She said, “Good eating brings happiness two ways. First, there is the joy and satisfaction of eating delicious, well-prepared food. Then there’s the buoyant health, vitality, and joy of living that comes from a wise choice of foods. Both are important to good nutrition.”

She also knew how to make a ham sandwich.

1. Make ham and cheese sandwich.
2. Dip into beaten egg (or mixture of 1 beaten egg and ½ cup milk).
3. Brown on both sides in butter in hot heavy skillet.
4. Add condiments of choice.
5. Serve piping hot.

Long live Ham Sandwich & Mao & Betty Crocker’s recipes! Unite and strive for greater victory!