I Will Not Snack Alone

By Adam J. Kurtz

Adam J. Kurtz lives and works in New York where he regularly eats his many, many feelings.


Something changed in 2014, though subtly. I stopped seeing my friends as often. I stopped “going out” as often. I sat in front of screens alone, communicated in front of screens alone, and ate in front of screens alone. Most of this was the result of a grueling & unpredictable work schedule, but soon it became comfortable. I know I’m not the only person eating ice cream and binge watching Netflix in the dark.

As we make resolutions for 2015, I have a proposition. Sure, we could claim to go to the gym more often, to make more time for family or travel. Those are all great goals. But here’s mine: In 2015, I will not snack alone.

By combining two of life’s greatest pleasures, “having friends” and “enjoying treats,” I will ensure that both happen, and that they are truly enjoyable. I would like to elevate my snacking from a solitary ritual to an immersive experience, sharing the pure joy of a perfect snack with a friend. I want new excuses to try new things, crossing my city to find a new pastry, discovering the perfect pretzel, or perfecting my own chips at home. I’m ready to get serious about cocoa beans and ice creams. I want to kick my sad, sorry, solo snacking habit once and for all.

I’m not being unrealistic here—sometimes, out of necessity, we eat meals alone. I mean, you’ve got to sustain your simple human body. But snacking is another thing, an extra, unnecessary joy that separates us from less chocolate-covered, cheesy-powder-licking beasts. That’s what I will only do with others. It adds a third, health-conscious angle that’s in line with more traditional resolutions, making this a fully acceptable addition to your list.

So join me, literally, and we’ll snack better, smarter, and harder than ever before in 2015.