Kelly Thorn

You’re shooting your Tinder profile selfie and you definitely think that in it, you should be holding a snack. Which snack and why?

Definitely Doritos Spicy Nachos, so that my suitors know I’m 2hot2handle.

You’re on a first date and she/he desperately needs to stop in this 7-11 to grab a little something before drinks. What little something will make the date? And what will break it?

CHIPS will make the date: your standard nacho chips, BBQ chips, spicy chips, ranch chips, cheddar chips, salt and vinegar chips, the list goes on… But regular, plain old potato chips will break the date AND my heart.

You’re on a second date at the movies and he/she goes to get snacks and you ask he/she to surprise you. But it’s a terrible surprise. What did he/she bring you?

Regular potato chips!!!!!!!!! BO-RING.

The two of you are spending your first long weekend together. What fine munchable do you bring to the bedroom to keep the fires burning?

As Usher once said in his hit song “Yeah”: “I’m a lady on the street; I eat chips in my bed.”

You’re being proposed to and the ring is at the bottom of a bag of chips. What kind of chips does you fiancée know will seal the deal?

My fiancée will know to switch it up and use Andy Capp’s Hot Fries because they’re like chips but with a twist, just like I am like a person, but with a twist! (The twist that I speak of is that I’m actually one quarter kitty cat).