Letter from the Editor

by sinclair p. munch jr.


And so here I sit at my desk on the eve of the release of Snacks Quarterly‘s first issue, eating a bag of garlic peanuts from my recent snack-finding mission to Japan. Am I hungry? Not particularly. Are they delicious? You’d better believe it.

You see, we humans are born to snack. It’s our nature. Way back in our lizard brain there’s always something telling us to eat while we have the chance. “Get that sugar,” it says, “get that salt and that fat. We might need it later on.”

Sure we don’t need it anymore, but we’ll never let that stop us.

There are too many doughnuts, too many pretzels, too many cheese plates, too many holiday-variant Oreos, too many shrimp in the goddamn sea to stop now.

That’s why I’ve created Snacks Quarterly, a celebration of all the things we probably don’t need to eat. And that’s why I’ve asked all of these hungry young artists to search their feelings and tell us all something real about snacks.

So grab a bag of chips, plant yourself in front of your screen, and let’s eat all those feelings together.

Munch on,


Sinclair P. Munch, Jr., Editor in Chief