Letter from the Editor

by sinclair p. munch jr.


Happy 2015, dear snackers.

Before we dig in to this Winter’s collection of chips, dips, crudités and steak tips, I’d like to confront a startlingly serious issue that rears its head this time of year.

The New Year’s resolution is a great tool for change, I’ll admit that. How else could I have achieved my goal of finally getting out of debt with the Entenmann’s Corporation?

But often times, resolutions tend toward the physical. They are promises to lose weight, get in shape, to attain what i’ve heard referred to as a “beach bod.” Well, I’m all for that.

But these things come at a price and oftentimes, that price is snacks.

To that I say: How dare you? How dare you blame snacks for your sorry state? How dare you swear to cut down on one of life’s greatest joys?

This is no resolution, this is a travesty.

Instead, I suggest you take a good hard look at your dinner plate. And at your lunch bag. And even at your breakfast nook.

I put it to you that meals should be in the service of snacks and not the other way around. You should resolve to build light, healthy food events around indulgent and plentiful snack times.

If we all do that, not only will our bods be rockin’, but so will our hearts.

Now that we’re halfway through January, this point is probably moot as you’ve most likely already broken your resolution by now.

If it’s any consolation, I think you look fantastic.

Now without further ado, let’s crack open this issue!

Munch on,


Sinclair P. Munch, Jr., Editor in Chief