Mike McQuade


What major snack event will cover the front pages of newspapers worldwide?

The man who invented black licorice will confess on his death bed that it is, in fact, the worst. People will become so outraged that they had been right all these years and start rioting around world.

What innovation will rock the world of Combos?

Combos flavors made into easy cheese. Does this already exist? I feel like this should already exist.

How will pretzels change the game forever?

Auntie Anne’s will invent their line of diet pretzels. All the flavor with none of the calories.

What snack will you form a deep emotional connection to this year?

Combos flavored easy cheese. Because of my involvement in it’s success.

How will snacks finally win the war against meals?

Hipsters in Brooklyn will start a gourmet hot pocket food truck. Using only locally sourced, organic ingredients.