Nick Stokes

You and Albert Einstein are planning a weeklong road trip across the American Southwest. What snack do you pack in your little Coleman cooler?

The American Southwest can get a little toasty. I think I’d pack E=McFlurries². One for him and one for me.

It’s game night at Emily Dickinson’s house and you can’t show up empty-handed. What’s your move?

I would bring a few cans of alphabet soup. Not only are they a mediocre snack, but they can also spur on some fun impromptu poetry sessions.

It’s Thomas Edison’s office party and you’ve signed up to bring cups and snacks. How are you going to take this get-together to the next level?

It seems like Thomas Edison was a pretty responsible guy. I’m sure he would have things under control. I would bring solo cups and a couple light snacks.

You and Frida Kahlo have been walking around for two hours, trying to decide where to eat and now you are hangry. What do you snack on so you don’t bite each other’s heads off?

I would suggest we split a single eyebrow-nie.

Ernest Hemingway is stuck at home, waiting for the cable guy, and he needs you to bring him something to munch on. What do you grab on your way over?


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