Scott Patt

It’s 1903 and you’ve just seen the Wright brothers plane fly over your head. What snack do you pair with your amazement?

Probably wouldn’t want to eat after something like that. Most likely I’d be too excited to eat. Although I’d be down to get a drink afterwards if they’d like.

It’s 1974 and you’ve just arrived at the Ramones first show at CBGB’s. What did you pick up at the bodega before hand?

I usually don’t eat before a big event like that.

It’s 1215 and you’re present at the signing of the Magna Carta. What will hold you over until the great feast?

I’d probably be on the toilet all morning due to nerves. I would not want to eat all day until we signed the deal.

It’s 1969 and you’ve just landed on the moon. What celebratory freeze-dried treat will you scarf down once you’re back in the L.E.M.?

I’d be concerned that the freeze-dried ice cream is not Lactose free but if we’re staying in for the night that’s what I’d pick.

It’s 2456 and the generation ship has finally found an inhabitable planet. What’s the first thing you nibble on this second Earth’s surface?

A “Sharing Size” bag of Peanut M&M’s