Snaiku Cycle

By Chad Temples

Chad Temples lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina. When the going gets tough, he snacks on crystallized ginger, but when the tough get going, he prefers salt-and-vinegar chips and/or pizza-flavored anything.


Wind through the black reeds.
The cupboard a still river.
Dave ate the Combos.

Peanut butter. Spoon.
Absence of complication.
Dog pops a boner.

In the dream, I ride
on the back of the Utz girl.
Overnight crab chips.

Xbox is broken.
Dave ate the Combos again.
Google: cheap crossbow.

Beef jerky dip tin.
Teriyaki nicotine.
Jesus Christ is real.

It’s not you; it’s me,
Megabruiser Jawkbreaker.
My tongue is see-through.

Shattered controller.
Dave’s nose blood on the carpet.
Surge. We fed the rush.