Letter from the Editor

by sinclair p. munch jr.


Well, Dear Readers, it’s officially Summer.

And the air conditioning at SQ HQ has been out all day.

I am hot.

I am so hot.

I’m the kind of hot where you can only bring yourself to dress in a pair of white briefs. And the kind of hot when you can’t not be eating watermelon.

So, I am currently at my desk, in my underwear with half a watermelon in my lap.

It just so happens that this scene ties directly to my new year’s resolution to focus on healthy snacking. Eating half a watermelon is like eating a bowl of flavored air. I can fill up as much as I want and my only comeuppance will be multiple trips to the bathroom this evening, which I’m fine with.

I have lost some weight since my healthy kick started. If one of my team was to stumble in here accidentally, I believe they’d be pleasantly surprised by the state of my physique. And I’ve left the door to my office unlocked to facilitate that sort of interaction.

Over the years, I’ve been asked hundreds of times about my strategy when eating watermelon. I persist in my belief that the watermelon will taste best if you use the strategy you were born with. But if you absolutely need guidance, I suggest you look into the good works of this gentleman:

This is the future. Thank you, sir.

Alright, we have a great one for you this time around, so take off all your clothes, get to slices those melons and have yourself a good, cooling sit.

Munch on,


Sinclair P. Munch, Jr., Editor in Chief