You’ve spent the past three years alone on a desert island. You build a raft and miraculously hit the mainland right in front of a Circle K. What’s the first thing into your mouth when you burst through its doors?

Sekihan rice ball (Sekihan means cooked mochi rice with adzuki small red beans, which is known as festive food to celebrate something happy in Japan. These days, people eat Sekihan more often and you can buy at convenience stores anytime.)

You’re the last survivor of avalanche that has trapped your party for a number of weeks. You may or may not have developed a taste for human flesh by the time you make it to the nearest supermarket. Which snack will welcome you home best?

Potato chips (lightly salted.)

You’ve just been released after forty years of wrongful imprisonment. In recompense, the Governor has offered you a lifetime supply of your favorite snack. What morsel will make everything alright?

Black-sesame rice crackers (I like harder ones.)

You awake from a seven-year coma with a jolt. You sit straight up in your bed, and scream the name of the snack that you’ve been dreaming of all this time. What reveals itself at the top of your lungs?

POTECHI!! (Potechi is the name that I use to shorten potato chips.)

You’ve been hiding out in the Russia from the U.S. Government for years now. You’re tired of borscht. What snack might you face charges of treason for?

Jagarico (Jagarico is potato chip sticks, which is one of the most popular snacks in Japan.)