Lucy Roleff

Look into your heart. Which snack loves you the most?

Banjo the Carob Bear by Carob Kitchen. Coz I gave him a go despite all my doubts and have never looked back.

Which snack despises you? Why do you think that is?

Tim Tams. Because I like the idea of them but the actual experience always seems to disappoint…and I think they can sense it.

Which snack is protective towards you?

Pistachio ice-cream. It has been my number one for a good ten years now and I think it worries I may stray (especially when Cookies and Cream is in the picture)

Which snack misses you?

Probably salami. It had a close relationship with crusty bread until I went vegetarian and cheese and pickles took its place.

Which snack thinks you could do better?
Is it right?

Ritter chocolate. I think it has hang ups about its smaller size (16 squares a packet) but I think it’s perfect just the way it is.